About LegUp

What could you do with 50 hours? We think you could do a lot.
So, we made it our mission to help you save time and find childcare faster.

We’re helping busy parents, like you, find and manage your out-of-home childcare needs – from daycares to school break camps, after school programs, extracurriculars, and all those inbetweens – so you can focus better things. We're also available to every parent, working or stay at home, whether your company subsidizes care or not.

All in One Place

We’ve built a platform that helps you discover all the providers around you, with just a few clicks. And we partner with those providers to share the most reliable, most comprehensive information about their programs. Finally, we’re standardizing that information so you can be certain you’ve found the best programs for your kid, your budget, and your schedule.

Find is Just One Part

Trust between you, providers, and LegUp is incredibly important. Across LegUp you’ll see who is verified by our team and what licensing and certifications they hold.

We also work with many of the providers on our platform to help them understand what programs parents are looking for and what information parents need to decide on the best care options.

Personalized Support

Don’t have time to schedule your kids care? We can help. LegUp Concierge is a direct connect to our team, the relationships we have with providers, and inside knowledge about their schedules. Learn More.

Who We Are

We built LegUp after our own exhausting experiences trying to find childcare. When we started asking if other parents had the same problem–from endless Google searches to not-so-helpful yelp reviews–we found many of us spend up to 30 hours a year just searching for and managing child care. We decided it’s time technology is built to fix one of the biggest, most stressful challenges working parents face.

We're a diverse founding team, a mom and a co-mom, and we care about the issues and challenges that parents from all walks of life face. LegUp CEO and parent, Jessica Eggert, has extensive experience in technology, startups, and building companies and products that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Our Chief of Brand, Jonna Bell, co-parents and has a background in leading companies and organizations with a social purpose to support women in their careers.

If you have any questions or we can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us: team@legup.care.

Jessica and Jonna LegUp Founder picture